This is a collection of my favourite drumming ideas and exercises. I'm going to add new ones from time to time.
When you try one of these patterns first I recommend to start at a very slow tempo and count out loud. Do that for long periods of time until the pattern feels comfortable and then gradually speed it up.
Note that all transcriptions on this page are done for right-handed drummers. If you are left-handed like me simply invert the sticking.

  Category Difficulty Description Audio
1. Hand control exercise Intermediate click to enlarge
This is beside the paradiddle rudiments one of the greatest exercises to get your hands even. The audio clip shows you three different tempos.
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2. Hand control exercise Basic click to enlarge
Try this exercise also leading with your weak hand.
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3. Groove Advanced click to enlarge
The audio example was created on a VDrum kit but this groove sounds also nice on acoustic drums.
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4. 4-way coordination exercise Advanced click to enlarge
This one is a bit tricky. It combines different paradiddles between ride and snare with an 8th note foot pattern. I recommend to practise the paradiddles on top of a simple quarter note beat first.
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