How does BeatSpeed work ?
Beatspeed records and displays the number of strokes you play in a certain amount of time. You can set the desired time category in a range from 10 seconds to 20 minutes in the "Time" menu.
The measurement automatically starts as soon as you hit the drum. After the recording time has elapsed the final count remains fixed and is shown in lighter color. Every result will be added to the score list on the right side of the user interface. New speed records are highlighted with red color.
Warning: Always do a proper warmup of at least 20 minutes before trying to break top speed records !

Trigger devices
Beatspeed offers two basic triggering options, which can be configured in the Device Select dialog:

1. Audio
    You can use an acoustic drum trigger or microphone and connect it to your computers soundcard input. In the device select dialog choose "Audio" and the proper device and input channel. Then adjust the volume slider so that just the loudest peaks pass the red mark at the volume meter.
    Note: If you are triggering via a microphone make sure your drum sound has a very short decay so BeatSpeed is able to detect every single hit even at faster tempos.
    If you have an electronic drum or any other MIDI capable device you can connect it via a MIDI interface to your computer. In the device select dialog choose "MIDI" and then the interface and preferred MIDI channel. If you play an Edrum set you can isolate one instrument by specifying a single MIDI note number. To do so simply hit the desired drum and press the "Accept" button.

The main view can alternatively display the number of strokes or the current speed in BPM (beats per minute) or Hz. See the "View" menu for this setting.
In the lower area of the user interface you see a floating diagram which shows the current speed (curve) as well as the average speed (blue horizontal line). If the average speed line exceeds the red record speed line you have good chances to establish a new record.

The metronome helps you to maintain a certain tempo. It can be switched on or off by clicking on it or pressing the key "M". You can set different tempos via direct numeric input or using cursor left/right keys. Furthermore you can choose between several time signatures in the "Metronome" menu. The audio volume can be adjusted by clicking on the volume diagram.

If you activate "Auto Reset Measurement" in the options menu BeatSpeed will automatically get ready for a new attempt five seconds after your last stroke.
With the option "Show BPM @ 16th notes" you can measure your actual base speed in quarter notes while playing 16th notes.

If you like the program please consider to register online. In trial mode every now and then pops up a message box to remind you that BeatSpeed is shareware.

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